My Budo journey began in Karate Do under Soke Masaharu Sakimukai, my father, in January 1973, when I enrolled at the Chintokan Makurazaki Dojo in Kagoshima, Japan - one of more intense dojo(s) in the 70s. My first two years were three classes per week.  When we moved to Kagoshima city in 1975, my father began teaching at three dojo(s) weekly.  As a result, from 1975 to 1980, we trained at Makurazaki, Kaseda and Kagoshima dojo(s) in rotation, every day except Sunday.  Then in 1980, after my father had visited twice on his own, our family of four moved to America.

After experiencing massive culture shock living in Newark, Delaware, I really began to understand and appreciate Karate Do.  I realized just how much my father's teachings aided me in settling comfortably into our new and strange habitat.

I have also received some training from sensei(s) that were my father's peers, senpai(s) and teacher from both Okinawa and Japan.  My Shodan thru 6 Dan (1984~2012) in both Shindo Muso Ryu Jodo and Mugai Ryu Iaihyodo are from Soke Hosho Shiokawa.  Additionally, though I only received a couple of lessons, I would like to honor Soke Shogo Kuniba, as he was an exceptional Budo-Ka, teacher as well as great friend to my father.  

In 2008, I was promoted to So Shihan, Chief Instructor and Examiner by my father, along with representing Soke Hosho Shiokawa in the US for the next six years until he passed away in 2014.  In 2010, I have received my last promotion from my father, 7 Dan and Kyoshi in Okinawan Shorin Ryu Karate Do.

I am sure they are all in the "After Life Dojo" training! 



Jacksonville Beach, FL 1992


1973 - Entered in Karate Do life at Makurazaki Dojo

1979 - Began 6 Shaku Bo training

1982 - Entered in Shindo Muso Ryu Jodo life

1984 - Entered in Iaido life;
           Received Shodan in Karate Do;
           Member of AAU/USA Jr. National Karate Team

1985 - Received Shodan in Jodo (ZNKR)

1987 - Received Karate Shidoin and began teaching at YWCA, DE

1988 -  Received Shodan in Iaido
            Started YMCA Chintokan Club in Wilm, DE
            Started YMCA Chintokan Club in Stanton, DE

1989 - Began Sai training



Hatsume Fair 2014
Delray Beach, FL


1991 - Promoted to "Shihan-dai" in Karate Do & Okinawa Kobudo
            Appointed as Chief Instructor to the US Honbu in Delaware

1992 - Member of USA National Karate Kata Team (@ US Olympic Ctr)

1996 - Karate Do "Shihan Menjo"

2002 - Beikoku Jodo and Kenbukan Iaido "Shihan"
            Karate Do "Renshi"
            Began Tonfa training

2007 - Received "Renshi" in Jodo and Iaido

2008 - Received "So Shihan"

2010 - Received 7 Dan and "Kyoshi" in Karate Do

2012 - Received my last Dan advancement from Soke Shiokawa,
            6 Dan in Shindo Muso Ryu Jodo & Mugai Ryu Iaihyodo

2015 - Tonfa at Bunbukan dojo, Okinawa, Hanshi & Kyoshi Nakamoto

2016 - Tonfa & Bo at Bunbukan dojo, Okinawa, Hanshi & Kyoshi Nakamoto
           1st So Budo Kai Shihan Gasshuku at New Hampshire & Maine